TP TP848 Monkey Bar Climber and UFO Hanging Fort Den, Jungle Gym, Active Outdoor Fun, Ages 3-8, Black

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TP TP848 Monkey Bar Climber and UFO Hanging Fort Den, Jungle Gym, Active Outdoor Fun, Ages 3-8, Black

TP TP848 Monkey Bar Climber and UFO Hanging Fort Den, Jungle Gym, Active Outdoor Fun, Ages 3-8, Black

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Metal climbing frames are a great garden outdoor toy for children of all ages. At TP Toys we have a great range of metal climbing frames for small gardens or big gardens, including metal climbing frames with slides& metal climbing frames with swings. It’ll be cooling down before we know it, so let’s try to cling on to the last remaining warm days of summer and spend them outdoors having fun in the sun with the whole family! WIFI controlled and voice enabling commands for a hands-free experience, means that you can control the temperature and the massage system without moving from the Hot Tub. Bliss! It suspends off of your chosen swing frame using elasticated webbing, providing the perfect space to play. The den floor is constructed of durable plastic mesh allowing for ventilation and drainage. This swinging den really is the best place to hang about.

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Introduce your kids to a world of endless garden excitement with our collection of metal climbing frames. When it comes to offering your little adventurers their first taste of climbing fun, our metal climbing frames are a perfect choice. Each of our sturdy metal climbing frames is designed with safety in mind, ensuring that your children can explore, climb, and play with joy for hours on end. For an extra layer of reassurance, explore our diverse array of climbing frame accessories, all crafted to enhance safety and fun. Parents, if you have children between the ages of 4 & 8 and you’re wondering how you’ll keep them entertained for the whole summer holidays, then look no further – we might just have the thing for you. TP Toys is on the hunt for a professional toy tester to try out all the best toys of summer '22! If getting paid to play with toys sounds like the dream job for your child, you’re in the right place! With space for up to 4-6 people, our Hot Tubs can be enjoyed by the whole family or with a group of friends and can even be used during the cooler months. Our metal climbing frames come in all different shapes and sizes, making them a great fit for compact spaces as well as those big spaces. Constructed with efficiency in mind, these climbing frames are the ideal solution for small gardens if you have struggled to find one to fit, maximising the enjoyment potential while minimising the footprint. Explore the world of outdoor play with our versatile and engaging metal climbing frames – where safety, durability, and adventure converge.Introduce your children to a world of excitement and adventure right in your garden with our range of metal climbing frames with swings. Elevate playtime to new heights with our meticulously designed metal climbing frames featuring swings that promise boundless hours of outdoor fun. Unleash your child's inner explorer as they conquer the challenges of climbing and experience the thrill of swinging. Our selection includes versatile options, from the simple joy of a metal climbing frame with a swing to the dynamic combination of a metal climbing frame with a swing and slide, providing endless entertainment and physical activity.

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We have compact climbing frames for smaller gardens, along with our larger wooden climbing frames with swings & slides for bigger gardens. Our kid's climbing frames can be customised with slides, swing arm, climbing arms and more. Our kids garden climbing frames are perfect for kids of all ages, from toddlers to pre teens.

Doesn’t a hallucination explain what he saw? “I get that people do have hallucinations, but they tend to be the result of either mental illness or some sort of hallucinogenic substance, and this guy was on duty and was, by all accounts, rational. And so those explanations don’t seem to apply – I’m stumped when it comes to that particular case. Ask yourself: how many times have you been tired and come to the end of a long day? We’ve all been in that situation, and we don’t suddenly construct bizarre narratives about spacecraft and aliens.” He just had time to sketch the UFO on his notepad before he was blinded. In his next moment of conscious awareness, he was sitting in his patrol car. The UFO was gone. “I got out of the car, looked at the road surface, and it was like a whirlpool,” he says. The UFO’s rapid revolutions had arranged the dead leaves, twigs and other debris into an autumn-themed spiral. For some, the fact that the Pentagon has finally admitted it cannot explain the behaviour of the objects may have been a surprise but, for PC Alan Godfrey, 73, it merely proves what he already knows. The UFO Den Swing Accessory is the perfect spot for children to relax or swing into another dimension

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Is it time to start taking these stories more seriously? “I’m not saying that I believe it’s literally true that these are alien spaceships,” says Pope. “But at the very least, these people who were previously disbelieved and ridiculed should be listened to and given a hearing. When it comes to abduction stories, sceptics will say these encounters are either hoaxes or accounts of vivid dreams or hallucinations. Christopher French, emeritus professor of psychology at Goldsmiths, University of London, has spent years studying the paranormal and argues that sleep paralysis is a better explanation for many of these stories. “In some cases, you get associated symptoms, and they include a sense of presence; a very strong feeling that there’s something in the room with you,” French says. He adds that sufferers might hallucinate and “see strange lights moving around the room or strange figures or shadow people”. Crafted from sturdy steel for exceptional durability, our metal climbing frames with swings ensure a safe and secure play environment. Each structure is designed to withstand the test of time, allowing your children to engage in energetic play for extended periods. With a focus on safety, our metal climbing frames come equipped with secure swing attachments, ensuring hours of carefree enjoyment. Explore our range of accessories designed to enhance safety and add extra excitement to the play experience.

I can imagine being a protagonist in an alien-abduction story seems pretty meaningful, like a meaningful achievement, an accomplishment,” Abeyta says. That feeling of specialness plays an important role in these stories. “Feeling like your unexplained experience is a result of an alien abduction just seems more exciting and more important than a natural explanation.” The brand-new TP UFO Den and Climbing Frame will take your children’s imagination to another dimension. Perfect for letting children release their energy as they climb up and over using the curved climbing rungs and safety handrails, the UFO Swing will help them to reach another world of play. They can then relax with their feet up in the cosy den peeking out of the lookout mesh window or swing far, far away. Designed with intelligent adjustable feet to provide stability on uneven ground the UFO Climb and Swing is perfect for smaller gardens that children will love. Godfrey, a no-nonsense Yorkshireman born and raised in Oldham, is long retired from the force but still recalls the events of that night when he came face to face with the peculiar object – a diamond-shaped aircraft hovering 5ft off the ground while spinning on its axis.

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A blue laser beam darted over them, which Lovelace thought was scanning them. When it shut off, they became sleepy. Next thing, he woke and saw Toby peering out of the tent. The triangle was hovering above what appeared to be a dozen children standing in a meadow below them. “What are these kids doing out here in the middle of the night?” said Lovelace.I tell Abeyta about an interview I carried out with a young man in Florida. The man, who did not want to be named, described an ambiguous close encounter that took place during his sleep. When I asked him what he preferred the truth to be – a real encounter or merely a vivid dream – the young man said he would prefer it to be true because that would mean he was “special”. Wooden and metal climbing frames for children of all ages. We use FSC certified wood, high quality steel & robust materials to bring you the safest climbing frames around. You can customise your climbing frames with our build your own feature. The unclassified version of the report (there was also a classified version seen only by US lawmakers) found “no clear indications that there is any non-terrestrial explanation” for the sightings. But neither did it rule it out. The report offered five typically mundane possible explanations for the UFOs and, crucially, one catch-all “other” bin. Whatever one thinks about the veracity of these stories, many of the people who tell them believe they are real, and some suffer from severe mental illness in the aftermath. Chris French says the levels of psychological arousal in people living with PTSD go “through the roof” when they’re asked to retell their stories. “If you do the same thing with the alien abductees, you get the same thing.”

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