Metaxa, 5 Stars, The Original Greek Spirit, 70cl, Pack of 1

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Metaxa, 5 Stars, The Original Greek Spirit, 70cl, Pack of 1

Metaxa, 5 Stars, The Original Greek Spirit, 70cl, Pack of 1

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Refrigerate the drink for a minimum of 2 hours and serve. If you want an even colder drink, refrigerate the sangria overnight. This will also allow the fruit to soak up more alcohol. You can serve the sangria in a glass as is, or you can serve it over ice depending on your preference. Pour a shot of orange juice and a shot of Metaxa into the shaker. Use a jigger to measure out about 1 shot, or about 5 cl (1.7 fl oz) of Metaxa and 1 shot of orange juice directly into the shaker. If you don’t have a shaker, pour them directly into the tall glass you’ll use to drink the Metaxa. [5] X Research source The second process that gives this brandy its unique taste is the mix of local herbs that are put in to add aroma and herbal flavors. While the brewery keeps the exact ingredients and amounts secret for its recipe’s sake, it’s known to include May roses and other local Mediterranean herbs that are added before aging.

It’s really all down to preference and budget. If you have the money for it and you enjoy a more refined spirit, then Metaxa 12 will suit. If you’re not an experienced brandy drinker then you might be happy with 3, as is the case if you don’t want to spend much money. For me, Metaxa 5 is usually enough to enjoy the great taste without blowing the bank, while Metaxa 7 strikes the perfect balance between cost and taste for when I want to splash out a little. Where to Find Metaxa in Greece Some people will call Metaxa a brandy, because of the mixture of distilled wines and other additives that create the blend. This spirit uses only wines and ingredients from the Aegean Sea area, making it a truly Greek brandy. Metaxa is a very unique tasting brandy that is created and sold primarily in Greece, but is also exported to spirit lovers around the world. But what makes Metaxa so special, what do the 3, 5, 7 and 12 brands signify, how is it made and where can you buy it in the United States? What is Metaxa?Metaxa 5 is when this drink really starts to come to life. Despite a difference of just two years in age, there is a huge difference in taste and this is typically recommended as the best starting point to truly experience this drink. Metaxa 7 Metaxa is a brandy blend that is produced in Greece and sold in several different varieties, based on how many years the drink has been aged prior to bottling. Metaxa was first introduced in 1888 and has been made in the same traditional way ever since, with the recipe being a closely guarded secret. You should not take more than 1 or 2 shots in a 1-2 hour period because of the high alcohol content. Mix 1⁄ 2 c (120 ml) of Metaxa and 3.2 c (760 ml) of red wine in a pitcher. The Metaxa and red wine blend will serve as the base of your Sangria. Pour both of them into a large pitcher and use a spoon with a long handle to mix it together until both liquids are well incorporated. Only one batch of this type of brandy is made per year. The added distillates are aged for as long as 30 years, giving it incredible flavors rich in oaky tastes and even hinting at cigar tobacco. One of the defining characteristics of this type is the spiced orange flavor that usually stands out in each sip. Aen

Another two years, another step up in taste. There is a certain complexity to Metaxa 7 that is comparable to a very good whiskey. Metaxa 12Metaxa doesn’t hold its fame amongst the Greek people as much as it does elsewhere in the world. It’s been listed as a part of the top 3 best imported spirits in many EU countries and has won the gold medal in many international spirit brewing competitions. While it is usually the number 1 premium spirit in Greece, not as many locals drink it as they did in the past. HOW IS METAXA MADE? The manufactures don’t give up their secrets easily. What we know for certain is that no chemicals are used and only natural ingredients are added, with extracts and tinctures potentially used to potentiate the flavor of specific herbs.

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