Sports Check Go Pro Electronic Ball Liner

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Sports Check Go Pro Electronic Ball Liner

Sports Check Go Pro Electronic Ball Liner

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When you strike the ball off centre, away from the direction of the CoG of the club head, this causes the club head to twist during impact, reducing the efficiency of the energy transfer to the ball even further, and creating something called “gear effect”. Consistency: By using a sweet spot finder, golfers can hit the sweet spot of their club more consistently. This can result in longer, straighter, and more accurate shots. If it's not perfect, you can either mark your ball on the green again and correct the line up of the equator mark or you can go ahead and putt knowing that you want to aim just right or just left of where the equator mark is lined up.

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Mobile Apps: Mobile apps are digital sweet spot finders that use the camera on a smartphone or tablet to scan the face of the club and locate the sweet spot. The app usually displays a visual representation of the clubface and highlights the sweet spot. If you missed the center of the face with older, smaller clubs, your shot would be drastically different. But now technology has changed the game and your misses aren’t nearly as bad as they once were. It's sort of like "Don't think about the pink elephant in the room" or "Don't think about the line you drew on your ball." For example, if you hit it low on the face and off the toe, it’ll go lower and to the left. This is why it’s important to learn the ball flight laws of golfand understand the bottom point in the swing. How to Hit the Sweet Spot More OftenThe size of this spot changes based on the golf clubs you’re using and the type of clubs as well. Larger clubs, like drivers, have bigger sweet spots than shorter clubs like wedges. High on the face: When you hit a shot high on the face, you’ll hit it fat with irons or a pop-upwith drivers/woods. These are incredibly frustrating shots that don’t go anywhere and can damage your golf clubs. Something that very few golfers realise is that the sweet spot of a golf club is not a fixed point, it moves depending on the precise impact dynamics of each strike.

GolfBall Marking: Do Marks on Your Ball help? - The Left Rough GolfBall Marking: Do Marks on Your Ball help? - The Left Rough

The reason that this spot is “sweet” is that, when the CoG of the club head is moving directly towards the CoG of the golf ball at impact, this provides the optimal energy transfer from the club head to the ball.

This is because the sweet spot is nothing to do with the design of the golf club, as such. Instead, it’s the exact point on the face where, when you strike a golf ball, the centre of gravity (CoG) of the club head is moving directly towards the CoG of the golf ball. Both CoGs are exact points, infinitely small, so the sweet spot is equally small.

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