Swing Seat bird feeder - bird table

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Swing Seat bird feeder - bird table

Swing Seat bird feeder - bird table

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Hanging out different shapes of hardened suet will add extra beauty to your garden. You can use your cookie cutters to cut fun shapes into the suet layer. You can use a festive theme for the shapes, and it will look really pretty. Leftover citrus fruit peels can be now used as a bird feeder. When you’re done carving the fruit out for juice, you can use these halved peels to store bird feed. Using woolen yarns to make holders for the bowl will withstand the weight of birds and the feeder itself. You can hang them around your garden or balcony, and it will still look pretty and beautiful. This is a really economic idea, and you don’t even have to create as many bird feeders. You just have to use some balloons, water, and some bright food colors. This will look quite brilliant on the snow canvas in your garden. And don’t worry, the ice doesn’t hurt the birds’ feet, so it’s a safe option.

This how-to is more than about just one birdhouse for one bird feeder. This is a small township on the wall designed solely for your winged friends to rest in and to feed. There are different types of feeders and houses in this birdhouse paradise. Like this bird feeder which uses an old license plate, some spoon holders and sardine tins. You can use old metal plates, wooden spoons, cans, and bottles. It’s really economic, and you get to try different ideas this way. Although it says orange feeder, you can put other fruits in this feeder too. You can cover it up with a piece of fabric to keep the squirrels away, and add some more colors to it. It’s quit an easy and charming bird feeder. How about building a bird feeder that reminds you of a spaceship? Or a UFO? It’s an easy craft idea that can add a theme to your bird feeder and make your garden or balcony look futuristic. The best thing about making a bird feeder yourself, is the fact that you can use recyclable products from your household to make it. It’s a good way to make sure you’re not wasting resources or money. And the vintage look that it gives is just brilliant.This charming bird feeder from Wildlife World in the form of a garden bench will look right at home in any garden providing birds with somewhere to perch as they feed. Now, this bird feeder looks really adorable. It’s a tiny porch swing, filled up with bird seed. You can either buy it from a gift or a craft shop, or make it yourself. You can use mesh bags to hold refrigerated suet balls for the birds. You can readily get mesh bags from a grocery store. You can mold the bird seed suet mixture in spherical balls and put them in the mesh bags. You can find suet or gelatin recipes for a bird feed online, all you need is a bundt cake pan, and behold! Your very own bird seed wreath is ready to be hanged. Make sure to use fancy laces and ribbons for some extra color. You can easily buy a grapevine ball from a shop, and it’s not even expensive. You’ll have to pull some twigs apart to fill it with the suet, and leave it to refrigerate. You can hang it around the garden or balcony with jute or a sisal rope, and it will look completely natural.

You can fix the pipe to some old plates and make a stand and a roof for the birds. PVC pipes can be easily painted with acrylic and oil paints, so you can let your kids help in on the project. This little bird house is warm, cozy and pretty secure. It is spacious enough for your bird friends to fly comfortably inside, and the glass on most sides keeps the temperature adequately warm for them to feel at home. If you have a pottery kit in your homes, or simple playdough, you can try this simple idea for a clay bowl feeder. It’s so easy to make; you can even let your kids try their hand at simple clay art. Make holes in it to tie up some yard for hanging purposes. The tray, which is textured to look like wood, means old food can easily be cleared away preventing the spread of disease. If you have glass jars which have been out of use, or jars which have lost their lids, you can repurpose them into a pretty bird feeder. It will look nice in your garden or your balcony and will attract a lot of birds.What best way to attract birds than to use trees or wooden logs for a feeder? Well, it makes sense if you use a log from your firewood or construction projects instead. You hardly get old gumballs in toy stores now. So most of them have been sold off to thrift stores or recyclables. You can buy one of those to make a cute little bird feeder for your garden.

Since this swing bench in the seat will have a screen (which will keep the seeds dry), we need a rectangle frame to hold the screen in place and to hide the staples. The bottle is painted with earthy colors. And it has a roof thatched with leaves too. If I were a bird, I’d certainly like to visit this bird feeder doubling as a birdhouse. This is such a beautiful bird feeder! It looks like something straight out of Alice in Wonderland. Using spiraling coil and some glass bowls, and a few ornamental jingles, this lovely bird feeder is extremely attractive, both to birds and to humans. Use a staple gun to fix the screen in place on the seat rectangle. At this point I suggest you to hammer all the staples to be sure that none of them is protruding.You can add color to this simple craft by using different colored mesh bags. Using fancy ribbons and laces to hang them can take the boring simplicity away. Watch the birds have fun flying around this simple mesh bag suet feeder. All you need to do is carve out a very small piece of log, enough to accommodate some birds. Hollowing it out from inside will allow you space to fill up the bird seed in. The birds can sit on the edge of the log and enjoy their hearty meal, feeling right at home with this Log Feeder. Speaking of thematic and festive designs for suet bird feeders, you should definitely try this bird seed wreath for your door. It can replace your regular blingy green wreath and toy birds with something that’s homemade and organic. And you’ll even get real birds flying around your front door. This bird feeder uses a recycled trash can lid and an old partitioned plate. The partitions help you segregate different types of edibles for the birds to feed on, and not only bird seed. Plus, you can use one of the sections for water instead of food. Pretty convenient and space saving.

An all-inclusive food buffet for your feathered friends! Fruits, nuts, grains and all! You can use threads to hand fruit slices - birds prefer apples and oranges - to attract birds. You can also include bird seed coated pine cones and nut threads in the garland. As much as it seems convenient as a bird feed, it also proves to be a very decorative piece for your garden. You might as well end up attracting some squirrels too. If you plan on having a more traditional bird feeder in your garden, this Tower Feeder can be your best choice. It’s mostly available in shops, but you can also make it yourself if you wish to cut on your costs.The good thing about these machines, is their capacity to hold a lot of bird seed. You wouldn’t have to worry about refilling it time and again. Who would’ve thought using a gumball machine would be so convenient? Since I used all scrap materials, I cut out the rectangle frame from the base of a wooden strawberry box, and as screen I used the one that was inside an old swimsuit that I never used) Carve the central portion of a dried or a fresh pumpkin and fill it with bird seeds. The birds will love that extra juicy taste coming from the pumpkin, and the idea will be a super duper hit among your guests too. Like a cup and saucer, you can also use an old teapot for your winged friends. It can also double as a birdhouse during harsh weathers. Sealing the spout can prevent the bird seed from falling out. We saw a cup feeder which looked like it spilled the beans. This one needs a little more craft skills as drilling through a ceramic cup and saucer is a work of patience. But the drilling is all you need to do.

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