The Undead. The First Seven Days (The Undead series Book 1)

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The Undead. The First Seven Days (The Undead series Book 1)

The Undead. The First Seven Days (The Undead series Book 1)

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I searched around and didn't see much discussion about it but as someone who has read a lot of zombie fiction, I just stumbled on this series about a month ago and have already flown through 23 books. Haywood is also the writer of the Extracted series, which features the novels Extracted and Executed. He is also the author of several novels, including the 2014 book The Second Reality and Blood at the Premiere, published in 2016, He has also published a short story collection called Book of Shorts Volume 1 in 2014. R.R. Haywood once again spins a tale of Howie, a night shift supermarket worker as he fights off the undead and meets some fantastic people along the way. He first meets up with awesome people along the way. First, he teams up with Dave, a co-worker at the grocery store. Dave is a professional killing machine, devoid and methodical of social grace. The second book in The Undead series is far much better than the first novel; there are more action scenes, more horror, mystery and thriller in the form of the two new characters. The author does a fantastic job by adding some modern twist to the zombie myth by making them faster, menacing and more animalistic at night and docile during the daylight. If your eyes are rolling at the mention of ‘Zombies’, it’s worth noting this is a superbly written and classy set of books in particular this one.

EDIT: STILL WAITING FOR DAY 26. And now whenever I google it to see when it might be released, this thread is at the top of the search lol. There's so much good stuff in here in terms of the overall story and virus lore but to me, what has made this series brilliant are the characters. Their banter and camaraderie is just such a blast to read. I find myself legitimately laughing out loud at the dialogue between the core group of characters. The Undead is a series of novels written by United Kingdom bestselling author of Horror, and Fiction books, R.R Haywood. Haywood was born in Birmingham, England and has spent most of his life on the picturesque south coast. He has had a strong passion for reading books as long as he can remember. One of his favorite genres he writes in the Post- Apocalyptic fiction. The narrative follows three perspectives, the main storyline follows the main character, Howie, with his newly made friend, Dave and the troops, the second perspective being Sarah’s perspective on the night that the apocalypse landed in London, the following few days. The final perspective being it is the occasional exposition of the infection itself, as it looks through the eyes of the undead.I'm just about a third of the way through the last book and I just don't want it to end. Has anyone else read this series? Without spoiling anything, what did you think? As with the other books despite all the mayhem it’s marinading in humour, some real ‘laugh out loud’ moments, equally there are parts that are utterly heart breaking. Howie wakes up to a world that has been totally taken over by the virus. Survival of the fittest is the rule now, and people are looting and stealing whatever they can to survive. This includes the car that Howie stole, a crappy car that is hardly burglary-worthy. The rule is to take what you can get and utilize it to survive. When Howie decides to return to a place that he just barely got out of the day before and battle the zombies to find his parents, he has no idea what is awaiting him.

Day One” is the first book in The Undead Series by R.R Haywood. The story introduces a Howie, a shy 27-year night time supermarket manager who leads a very dull life when the reports of a sudden outbreak and violence in Eastern Europe are reported on all TV screens.

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Like many authors, RR Haywood works a job full-time. He also has plenty of tattoos and a total of four dogs. He resides in a cave someplace underground, which is perfect for staying away from what he says are the invisible drones and the spy satellites that the BBC sends to watch over people. He admits that he is a self-proclaimed hypochondriac. He says that the BBC’s invisible drones are to blame for this. In The Undead Day One, Howie is the main character. He is named after Howard, his father. But since it is confusing to call two people by the name of Howard, he became Howie so they could be distinguished. He is twenty-seven years of age and currently works in England as a manager during the night for the well-known English supermarket Tesco. He is in the exact right place it appears when the undead show up on the scene and the news starts covering it. If anything it’s a commentary on life/death/love/hate/good/evil, not in a superficial way but in many shades, from subtle to 1000% in the face, from tender moments to extreme. The dialogue is handled particularly well, with the author cleverly letting you experience the delights of people talking across each other which is particularly interesting.

This new world that Howie finds himself in has no rules or even moral codes. It is a harsh modern world in which you are likely to encounter psychotic humans who want to play mind games with you as well as the undead ones who want to eat your brains, and you will have to be stronger, fit, and faster than them to survive.

What is being advertised as a rising of the undead starts to happen and communication is down within hours. It doesn’t take too long before the infestation goes viral and the undead are everywhere. The world falls apart on a Friday and the zombie infestation begins, making its way across all of Europe. Fortunately, Howie is at home because he has the day or night off and the first thing he thinks to do is find his family. Although he is going to have to adjust to this new world that dropped on his doorstep. The story starts on Day 1 of the infection as it sweeps through Europe and follows Howie, a supermarket manager who starts off on a quest to find his parents and sister and slowly transforms to him being the leader of the 'army of the living' as he and his merry band of misfits drive around the country in their Saxon (sort of an APC) search of answers and fight a war against an intelligent, sentient, hivemind virus. The story is filled with some typical cliché stuff; apparently, everyone is going outside to have a clear look at what is going on. There is nothing yet about how these zombies were created if it was a lab experiment that went wrong if it was a virus or a patient zero. Here we meet Dave, who is a killer with OCD and autism and has been trained in the art of delivering death. He also learns that the zombies are transforming at night and become more deadly. Now they are becoming fast at night instead of slow during the daytime, which is a significantly easier scenario to deal with. Along the way he finds himself dealing with a crazy club owner and an undead zombie stripper, as well as running into someone from work while looking for his family. After spending a night at his parents’ house, Howie wakes up in a whole new world full of few, millions of unanswered questions, monsters, and death. A world where only the strongest survive and there is nothing criminal about breaking, stealing cars and other useful things in the name of survival.

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