Games Workshop 99120204018 "Age of Sigmar Sylvaneth Kurnoth Hunters Action Figure

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Games Workshop 99120204018 "Age of Sigmar Sylvaneth Kurnoth Hunters Action Figure

Games Workshop 99120204018 "Age of Sigmar Sylvaneth Kurnoth Hunters Action Figure

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Throne of Vines – CV9. Once a classic, this now heals the caster for one wound at the end of each phase. A decent little effect, but for a faction without any inherent static bonus to casting, and wizards with a low number of casts, this CV is brutal. C When you set up this terrain feature, it can be set up as either a small, medium or large Awakened Wyldwood. A small Awakened Wyldwood consists of 1 scenery piece, a medium Awakened Wyldwood consists of 2 scenery pieces, and a large Awakened Wyldwood consists of 3 scenery pieces. When a unit from this battalion runs, you may run 6″ instead of rolling for it. Not a bad one. It’s not great since it doesnt let you run and charge but it can help get the hunters into prime position for sniping with bows, charging next turn, or just getting them somewhere safe behind cover. Lords of the Clan Hey look! No Morathi! That’s pretty cool. This is a list that wants to get the Blood Rite bonuses going early with no less than 3 ways to bump up the battle round for a unit for said purpose. This means Blood Sisters hitting and wounding on 2s. This means the unit they’re fighting is very dead. Big Trees – Treelords are great all-rounder behemoths that provide chip shooting, solid melee and control. A march of the ents style army is totally viable in competition.

All 3 wizard relics are definitely interesting. The Acorn of Ages lets you set up 1 free Awakened Wyldwood once per game. I can’t see taking this as you have other ways to spawn one, but it could be powerful if you are short on ways to do it, or are facing an army that will aggressively counter-spell you. Luneth’s Lamp I want to like but is far too niche, as it grants you the ability to Banish an invocation, gaining a +2 on the roll. You’ll be glad you have it when you do but as only 3 armies have invocations, its just not worth it. Finally the Vesperal Gem is going to be a popular take, as once per game you can get an autocast that cannot be unbound. Powerful in the clutch moments you need to get, say Treesong off. Kurnoth worshippers prefer a more direct approach to warfare than their secretive kin, ferociously charging into battle rather than slipping through the hidden paths . When Belthanos sounds the hunt from his Kurnothi War-horn , its rousing melody grants allies the ability to charge even if they’ve run that turn. Krulghast Cruciator effectively gives them Scaly Skin, negating the typical Galletian Veterans achilles heel – Bounty Hunters Tramble Underfoot –At the end of the combat phase you can nominate one enemy unit within 1″and roll a die for each model in the unit. For each 4+ deal a mortal wound. A 4+ for a free ability like this is pretty nasty. This drastically expands the range of board coverage you have for your abilities, and reduces the scenery tax on your wallet. As you’ll see, most of the tools you have to add extra Wyldwoods to the board are still there, so if you want to play tournament games you’ll still wanna bring as many as you can but it does reduce the need for more casual players. From the Woodland DepthsThe Tree-Revenants have an interesting strategic ability: they can be moved anywhere from the battlefield at the cost of a Triple. Small warbands called Forest Stalkers are sent to the Eighpoints by the Everqueen herself to exact revenge against those Chaos worshippers that indulged in Ghyran or to retrieve precious artifacts or lamentiri, the essence of forest spirits. Hi! I'm new to AOS and have about 1,000 points of Sylvaneth painted up already. I'm looking to make a semi-competitive 2,000 list, and this is what I came up with. Any advice is appreciated! Sylvaneth are a unique army in Age of Sigmar, with a model line to match that has grown out of the old Wood Elf range. In-game Sylvaneth have an unusual hit and run playstyle, are active in every phase of the game, and can happily field lots of behemoths. They utilise unique abilities to move models around the board, and as such can be highly manoeuvrable and adaptable to the flow of battle, whilst interacting with the terrain on the board more than any other army. Command Ability: Branch Blizzard –During your shooting phase you can nominate an enemy unit within 12″ of one of your Heroes and roll a die for each model in the unit. On a 6+ deal a mortal wound.

Wraithstone – Subtract 1 from the Bravery characteristic of enemy units while they are within 10″ of the bearer. Vengeance and Spite asks you to kill the enemy general with a unit with the Outcasts keyword, which is an odd choice. This basically boils it down to Drycha or Spite-Revenants. Possible, unless your opponent’s warlord is say a Great Unclean One, then it becomes much more difficult. Other than that you got one lore to draw from, and it’s a solid lore, but not all great. First lets look at the bad news. Throne of Vines used to be a go-to spell, granting +2 to casting, now it heals 1 wound to the caster per phase, not bad but your time is better spent elsewhere. After that it improves, Verdurous Harmony lets you return a model to a unit that lost one, or D3 to your smaller infantry while Regrowth is for healing up your bigger stuff, healing D6 wounds.Take d3 Mortal Wounds. This is what I mean from it being more random, as this went from being something with a 1 in 36 chance of happening to 1 in 6. Good thing it’s got 15 wounds now while retaining it’s 5+ ward.

Gorgeous models –Many of your models are newer, created for End Times and Age of Sigmar, as such they are some of the better looking models in the line with lots of options for paint schemes. Is it a bad thing that we’re praising the models in Faction Strengths? Well… Argentine • Auroxis • Behemat • Bitterblood • Boingob • Chimerac • Dracothion • Fangathrak • Ghillnarad Dhor • Gnorros • Hammergord • Hydragos • Ignax • Kharybtar • Lode-Griffon • Nagendra • Nharvolak • Nyxtor • Shattatusk • Shurihuratha • Skalok • Tatto'Na'Kotto • Ur-Phoenix • Ursricht • Vulcatrix • Vytrix • Ymnog The Huntmasters are the leaders of this warband and they have 4 wounds more (32 instead of 28), same movement (4”) and Toughness (4). Of those, the Kurnoth Hunters are possessed with brutal strength and agility and they are equally proficient with blades, scythes, or bows. Alarielle the Everqueen, the goddess of life, leads legions of fierce, fleet forest phantoms to war. Though these spirits are empowered by life magic, they’re far from the peace-loving fairy folk of children’s tales. Their roots drank deep of the blood-tainted waters of endless war, and they have been bent towards vengeance, their branches twisting into tearing claws.This thing has vibes of its old version but functions wildly different from before. It’s been a fairly popular inclusion up to this point as a solid two-spell caster with some decent (but random) buffs for free in the form of its Peal of Doom. It now only casts one spell, but the buffs have been shuffled around substantially. The +1 to casting bonus or rolling a 7 is now built into the model itself at all times. The downside is it only grants it to itself, the upside is it scales, and at full health it grants +2 to casting to itself. Additionally, you can make it a Priest for the turn instead, if that suits you, and get +1 to chanting at full health. That unit of 30? When it successfully charges, it’s likely to do 10 Mortal Wounds on the charge before the combat phase even begins. A new edition of Warhammer Age of Sigmar is right around the corner , and it’s bringing some big changes to the way some of your favourite factions play. We’ve been looking at a new army each day, and now the time has come to peer into the wild places of the Mortal Realms and see how the Sylvaneth are doing. Naturally this is better against big hordes. 12″ is a bit close but you can get yourself ready for a charge and lead with this to soften them up first. Nasty when combo’d with something like Treelord ancient’s Massive Impaling Talon, which beg to allow you to fish for as many hits as possible for those 6s. Otherwise just having more hits is always appreciated. B+

The Roots of Victory – Do you want to win more? Have an Awakened Wyldwood in each table quarter (one in the middle will accomplish this, at least) and have no enemy units within 6” of any of your Awakened Wyldwoods. Almost any other positioning grand strat will be easier to control than this. DSadly I was unable to get the rest of the top 8 lists as they were never submitted to BCP and I was unable to get a response from the TO in time. South Coast Series July I would never use Kurnoth hunter with anything else but the bows. The carnage you can bring with a 30inch range weapon is considerable. Points for points, the bows actually outdammages repeater bolt throwers ! Thats pretty insane dammage right there. Ylthari is a Thornwych, a profile not existing in Warcry before. The closest would be a Branchwych, with which she shares both weapon profiles but he Chorus of the Woodlands – Complete 4 battle tactics and every battle tactic you complete is a Sylvaneth specific one. You just read the list of battle tactics. F

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