Zoch 601129800 "Geistesblitz Game

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Zoch 601129800 "Geistesblitz Game

Zoch 601129800 "Geistesblitz Game

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Some of you might consider this a tip but if you play with someone who has sharp finger nails watch out! Also, competitive spouses and siblings have a tendency to get a little violent when snatching the objects—I guess some families play for blood. Final Remarks It’s really that simple and that straight-forward. The challenge is when you’re feeling pressured to make the proper recognition and grab a piece before any of the other players. And to do it accurately. It is fast-playing and easily taught. Should I Own It? One object on the card is colored incorrectly; therefore players must be the first to grab the correct colored object.

German publisher Haba is an expert at making kid-friendly games that are equally as fun for adults. You won’t find any Candy Land or Don’t Wake Daddy levels of dross in a Haba game. Geistes Blitz (or Ghost Blitz) continues this trend by providing a pattern-recognition game that’s easy to grasp and fun to play, no matter your age. Each player takes a turn to draw a card showing a combination of a either a bottle, mouse, chair, book or ghost. These images represent the wooden tokens placed in the centre of the table (each one in the shape of one of the items listed above), one of which must be grabbed each turn. The grabbable item is determined by one of two factors: if the card drawn shows it coloured correctly (e.g. a green bottle) or,if it represents the only aspect not pictured on said card (e.g. none of the items are red, or a chair isn’t pictured). Yoink the right one and you win the card, select the wrong one and lose you points. No doubt about it, Geistes Blitz is loud, proud and a blast to play. The new version of Ghost Blitz functions similarly to the original but includes the following new rules: If one item on the card is the same colour as its wooden counterpart, grab the wooden item. E.g. if you see a white ghost & a blue chair, grab the white ghost. Ghost Blitz, published by 999 Games, comes with five pieces, 60 cards, and a rule book. The object of Ghost Blitz is to collect more cards than your opponents. Collecting a card is simple; at least it’s simple in concept, if not execution. Flip over a card and be the first player to grab the corresponding game piece accurately depicted on the card…or the piece that is not at all depicted.I’ll explain.

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If you are the first to grab the correct object you take the card and add it to your collection. But if you hurriedly grab the wrong piece then you not only lose the card everyone was vying for but you must also sacrifice one card from your collection and give it to the player who grabbed the correct piece. If you have no cards to give then nothing extraordinary happens.

This is the kind of game that makes me wonder which came first, the theme or the mechanic. Hopefully it was the mechanic because the storyline seems disjointed, concocted over too much German lager perhaps? Maybe we’re just missing something in the English translation.

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Do you regularly have young children nearby? If so, this is a great game to have on hand. I bought it for my children as well as for my niece who lives 600 miles (965 kilometres) away. Ghost Blitz is a game you will enjoy playing with them, but is also one they can entertain themselves with and play with their friends.

Looking at the box may have you raising your eyebrows wondering why I’ve given Geistesblitz such a high score. Rest assured, I’ve tried this game out with numerous gamers and the overwhelming response was “that game is brilliant.” Components

Geistes Blitz (Ghost Blitz) – is a fast-paced card game where your aim is to recognise shapes and colours. Five wooden objects are placed on the table – a white ghost, a red chair, a green bottle, a blue book & a grey mouse. One player turns over a card with two of the objects on it. While I have stated repeatedly that children will love Ghost Blitz, I also want to reiterate that adults will enjoy it too. Even without children present a group of friends can have a lot of fun with this dexterity game. In fact, there is a rule variant wherein you shout out the correct piece instead of grabbing it IF there is a book present on the card. This advanced form of play creates another challenge. Both objects on the card are colored incorrectly; now players must grab the only object not represent on the card in any fashion. In the box, there are 5 wooden toys, a white ghost, a red chair, a grey mouse, a blue book, and a green bottle plus some colorful cards. The cards have 2 of the items in different colors. How To Play Ghost Blitz? As there is nothing green on the card and there is no bottle. It sounds really easy but when you are playing against each other it is not as easy as it might appear.

Each card will have two of the following items: a ghost, a bottle, a chair, a mouse, or a book. Each item depicted on the card will be one of five colours: white, green, red, grey, or blue. Recall that there are five game pieces: a white ghost, a green bottle, a red chair, a grey mouse, and a blue book. If the revealed card had a blue book and a red ghost, for example, then you would grab the blue book as it accurately depicts one of the five game pieces. If neither object matches in colour you must grab the item which neither matches in item or colour on the card. So if the picture is a red ghost and grey book you have to take the green bottle.Players may try to snatch items out of each other’s hands or even push another player’s hand into the wrong object. Tsk, tsk, you know who you are! We had to develop various house rules to cope with the insanity.

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