Fix Her Up: A Novel: 1 (Hot and Hammered, 1)

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Fix Her Up: A Novel: 1 (Hot and Hammered, 1)

Fix Her Up: A Novel: 1 (Hot and Hammered, 1)

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I'm fuming even thinking about the things I've withstood while he rests for hours after a little pain. if he really would have had all this experience, one could think he'd have his sexual arousal a bit more under control. Her entire conflict in the book was trying to be more legitimate so that people would take her seriously, but I still considered her a joke by the end of the book because her actions and dialogue were so ridiculous. He’s a bit depressed about it and needs someone just like Georgie to get him out of the funk he’s in. There was this lack of awareness all the way through this story with both Georgie and Travis having no idea what the other one is feeling.

When Travis realizes his womanizing reputation (his nickname, "Two Bats," hints at his prowess both on the field and in the bedroom) might prevent him from landing a coveted job as a broadcast announcer, Georgie suggests a mutually beneficial fake relationship. At 23, Georgie Castle is a proud business owner, but she hates that her family refuses to treat her like a responsible adult. As a clown who performs at parties, it's difficult for her to find someone who views her as an adult, instead of a little kid.I despise the notion that all women in romance books have to be virgins and only have sex with one man in their lives, while their male counterparts have slept with the entire population of a small country.

The best thing about this book is my reading of it got multiple people to remove it from their TBR's and lower their ratings. New York Times Bestselling author Tessa Bailey can solve all problems except for her own, so she focuses those efforts on stubborn, fictional blue collar men and loyal, lovable heroines. There’s public sex at a baseball field which definitely is a felony, and the rest of the scenes were either so absurd or so badly written that it was difficult to get through them like Travis fucking her wedgie or something equally as groan-worthy, and not in a good way. From there being so many references to her clownery to the terrible dialogue (especially during sex, or telling her things like “You’re about to meet your God” in reference to his dick), I was cringing so often while reading this.With everybody handling Travis with kid gloves, Georgie takes it upon herself to draw him out of his slump. Seriously ladies (and gents, depending on your taste) you will be enthralled at how lovable Travis truly is. edit: if you're going to be offended enough to shit talk me in a group chat and get all of your friends to block me because of this review, that's a bit immature. She used to never take care of her, always dressed like she didn't care what people thought, and was considered a child by almost everyone, including her big brother, so obviously Travis treated her like one too. But a chance encounter forces her to confront the truth: what happened to make Macy stop speaking to Elliot?

he apparently thinks that he needs stephen’s permission to be "between her legs" when no, that's not the case. There's a lot of problems with the other Characters, the plot was there just for the sake of it, to keep Georgie and Travis together. How was I supposed to take the girl seriously when (1) she’s a clown ( are there even any children on planet Earth that like clowns anymore?I thought they didn’t show Travis off in the right light and I actually thought it ruined their entire relationship because the foundations had visible cracks all the way through.

This book is run amuck with misogyny, like to the point where I'm convinced it had to have been ghost written by a man. In the first, Macy Sorensen meets and falls in love with the boy next door, Elliot Petropoulos, in the closet of her dad’s vacation home, where they hide out to discuss their favorite books. Read with caution, as feelings on this book are very polarizing, but if you like dirty-talking, lightly kinky, dominate men, and you like humor, a fun female MC (I loved her too! he seems to have the priority to keep other men away from her and that is just one step too much over the line; his jealously (that really is unreasonable because georgie's been in love with him for, like, forever) really got out of hand here.because I hadn't read any romances lately and my other current read had zero romance (as a subplot) in it too. After he's offered a position as a sport's caster and discovers they're looking for a man who's settled-down, Georgie proffers they fake date. I was so confused why these women made a “club” whose focus was hating men and yet all they did was get together and talk like.

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