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Batman: The Black Mirror

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I really love that, in efforts to truly differentiate his Batman from Bruce's, Dick flies over the city on ziplines similar to a trapeze artist. His poetic prose when describing Gotham City as a living character and not just a setting piece in his stories is something we can now read and appreciate in his The Court of Owls storyline. Unknown • Musketeer • Nightrunner • Nightwing • Onyx • Oracle • Orphan • Orpheus • Outsiders • Red Robin • Renee Montoya • Robin • Sarah Essen • Sasha Bordeaux • Signal • Silver St. as he is a new character that I had never read about before, but Scott Snyder did a brilliant job at making him extremely creepy as you do not really know his true motives and yet, he can act so innocent at the drop of a hat.

In Snyder's stories about him being Batman and as illustrated by Jock, Dick faces questions similar to a person who is having an identity crisis, particularly on the aspect of his roots. He is also the author of the short story collection, Voodoo Heart, published by the Dial Press in 2006. Commissioner Gordon tells Dick the head of the Gotham Global Modern Bank's name is Sonia Zucco, but Dick notices Commissioner Gordon is distracted and asks him what's wrong.Each issue builds up to the ultimate collision and, just like with Dick, Jim Gordon needs to meet the reflection he sees in the glass and recognize that its potential for evil has gotten stronger and he may not have enough time to stop it. Gotham is still the same dark and often rainy town, but the approach of the bat is a little different and I like it. I don't want to go into spoilers (Despite being older comic) but the last three issues left me glued to the page and heart thumping like crazy. It does test the mettle and spiritual strength of both Jim and Dick to conquer the challenges of working in Gotham.

Dick has to deal with things like a bunch of the weapons used by Batman’s enemies have been stolen from a police evidence locker and are now being sold on the black market. Scott Snyder, with rotating artists Jock and Francesco Francavilla, has solidified the title as the place for serious crime fiction in the Bat-universe. The shift in art styles, and the shifting tones that accompany those shifts, even work out, as in essence each artist is given a different plot thread to illustrate, and the sub-plot of the Gordon family psychodrama eventually comes to the fore, as Francavilla's art eventually becomes the dominant art in the book. In fact, those brief moments he soars in the skies are the happiest that Dick has ever been, right until he lands back on earth and faces the evils and malevolence that is required of the Dark Knight he now has to embody. This is all a very long, complicated way of saying The Black Mirror reads like a well-made graphic novel that was meant to be read like a graphic novel.Just then, a body is ripped out of the orca's body, and Dick deduces the body is a woman named Evelyn who is Sonia's worker. James Gordon manages to deduce the Peter Pan killer as Roy Blount because Roy had met the children because of his cleaning business and has burns on his arm and neck. comes to visit Gotham City and convinces his father and his step sister, Barbara Gordon, that he is a changed man and is trying to get back on the right path.

It's one of the most exciting and well written stories I've read staring our favorite hero, the Batman! Story-wise, I have no issue whatsoever with this, but I would have to say, I wasn't a big fan of the illustrations. The only disappointing thing was that the Joker story seemed kind of weak and short, but that’s a small complaint. But, definitely, The Black Mirror is an entertaining story and a must-read to any Batman fan, specially if you want to read about the tour-of-duty of Dick Grayson while he was having the mantle. Upon taking the Cowl, he already has unique relationships with the members of the Batman family that are different from that of Bruce Wayne.Batman bursts through the window to rescue Barbara and reveals that he injected a tracer into James during their first meeting earlier. Dick prefers to be in the air, like back in Haly's Circus, which serves as a great metaphor for the positivism he brings to his Batman, while Bruce is very much “rooted” in his cynicism and gloom. And Francavilla does as good a job at evoking feelings of foreboding and tension as Jock - Where Jock uses crazy expressive linework and splatter, Francavilla uses great colours and composition to draw you into the scene. but this time the answers require a deeper dig due to the extreme emotions involved, particularly for Jim Gordon.

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