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Reluctant Cuckold: 1

Reluctant Cuckold: 1

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Desperate to prevent this growing fear from ever become reality, Mike privately vowed to freshen up their relationship, starting with the introduction of a weekly date night where all talk of work and other distractions were banned (or else the offender would face a forfeit from the 'special' box kept under the bed...). He even hired a personal trainer to help him add a bit of muscle to his already fit but trim physique, hoping that keeping his body in good shape would keep Sarah interested. And for the best part of a year, Mike's efforts worked well, gradually alleviating the unwarranted paranoia that his wife may someday be tempted to stray from the marital bed. She didn't clean up. She always cleans up. Even if we're going to do it again, she cleans up each time. With a final thrust that made my wife's scream echo in the room, he came. Shaking and grinding into her, he gave her what she wanted. I am looking forward to the third book where Ashley hooks up with every gross skanky dude in New York and on the beach in New Jersey while David is forced to sit there and watch.

Despite the slight stain he'd left on the settee that one time, and the increased number of late nights he'd been having (often pretending that he'd had to log on the computer to finish a bit of work), for the best part of a year Mike was able to keep his unusual habit a secret from his unsuspecting wife. However, that finally changed when he one day returned home from work to find Sarah sat at the computer with a mix of tears and anger in her eyes. She could have came over and talked to me, but she called my cell to give instructions. I was to get a motel room, call her to let her know where and then wait in the room for them to show up. After this first visit, watching these clips became almost an obsession for Mike, and he would use any alone time to search for new ones, often picturing Sarah performing the same acts as the women he watched on the screen. At first it was more of the same, supposedly married or attached women having sex with a stranger in a club or bar etc., but by the time the following weekend arrived, Mike had watched his first amateur video of a married woman having sex with another man infront of her husband. It wasn't a particularly adventurous video, but the humiliation he imagined must be felt by having your wife cheat on you as you watched had such a profound effect on him, that he was simply unable to contain the amount of cum he began unloading in to his palm, and ended up spilling some on the fabric of their new settee. Mike jumped at the sound of the key in the door and sprung to his feet. Listening anxiously as Sarah walked in to the hallway, quietly placed her bag on the floor, and made her way to the kitchen to pour herself a drink, Mike expected that she would soon burst in to the room and start shouting at him. But she didn't. Instead she quietly walked to the doorway and looked at him with teary eyes. However, as is inevitable with such things, what were once fresh ideas soon became part of the norm, and eventually life once again began getting in the way, work commitments from both sides leading to cancelled date nights etc. Coupled with two of Sarah's close friends separating from their husband's and increasingly dragging her out for girl only nights, it wasn't long before Mike's paranoia returned, this time more intense than ever.As the door slammed in his face, Mike could hear Sarah begin to cry on the other side. Dejected and angry with himself, he made his way down the stairs and prepared the couch for what turned out to be one of the most uncomfortable night's sleep he'd ever had. Mike and Sarah had been married for just shy of 10 years when it happened, but in truth the initial foundations had been laid a few years earlier. He began full hard thrusts into her, driving her body up the bed. His ass flexed each time he thrust into her. Causing her to moan loudly each time.

YES! That is exactly what happened! But, I was tortured first. I sat alone in that motel room for two hours. While they drank, danced and had a good time. To begin with this was as far as his visions went, and every time his wife walked through the front door, the warm smile on her beautiful face instantly told him that he'd had no reason to worry. But paranoia can be like a disease, and despite receiving zero encouragement from his wife's actions, it continued to grow, snowballing inside of him with every night out she had without him by her side.Although unaware at the time, as he released a heavy load of warm cum into his hand, the seemingly insignificant act of marrying his fear of Sarah cheating on him with one of sexual pleasure turned out to be the beginning of events that would eventually change his marriage forever. Although Mike had occasionally watched pornography when he was younger, and would sometimes catch glimpses of the odd clip on a friend's cellphone, this was the first time since getting together with Sarah that he'd really felt the urge to watch a film. He and Sarah had always had a great sex life, always ensuring that the other was fully satisfied, but with these feelings appearing whenever Sarah wasn't around, he found himself drawn towards porn like never before. Well perhaps we'd better do something about that when we get home then," she whispered seductively in to his ear. I stopped crying and sat there wondering what I had done wrong. Thinking, over and over, what I could have done better or different. Devastated by the thought of losing her. However... paranoia is never truly gone, and when Mike overheard a young guy in his late teens/early twenties comment on Sarah as they passed him in the street, it once again reared its ugly head.

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